About Us

About Us

Lanson Foster, Owner, Lanstone HomesMeet Lanson Foster,
President, Lanstone Homes Ltd.

As a second generation home builder, Lanson Foster, President of Lanstone Homes, started working on construction sites at a young age and developed a passion for building homes very early in his life. Now, a 20 year full-time veteran of the industry, Lanson has worked in all aspects of the home building business. His wealth of experience includes on-site, hands-on along with project management and business aspects of the industry.

Over the years, Lanson has developed comprehensive home building practices that will enhance your home building experience. He has recruited the very best trade and supplier resources, each bringing a different set of expertise to each type of project being built and the varying needs of his customers.

“Having built several hundred semi-custom and custom homes in the Lower Mainland area and having personally worked with these customers through the homebuilding experience over the past number of years, I have developed a good understanding of what each customer is looking for in their individual project and I am very proud to have been so instrumental in bringing their home building dream to reality,” – Lanson Foster.

Developing strong long-lasting customer relationships has always been a passion of Lanson’s and this allows him to excel in delivering not only a top quality home, but also a rewarding home building experience.